Knox was diagnosed with Pontocellubular Hypoplasia at 20 weeks in the womb. He was not supposed to live past birth but here we are living the good life. We have struggled with finding medication for Knox that doesn’t alter his daily life. We learned about CBD oil almost 2 years ago when Knox was diagnosed with infantile spasms. We have tried multiple medications to help control his epilepsy but it’s been unsuccessful. We started taking CBD oil after about 8 months of trying medications that took away everything we loved about Knox. Knox has now been on CBD oil for almost 2 years and we are so thankful for this option. After so much medication Knox had lost all personality and would not interact with us.

Since CBD oil Knox has made a complete 180 in his personality and cognitive abilities. This is something we feel comfortable giving Knox. There are no harsh side effects and we believe the best life is one Knox can be here participating with us. Knox has scoliosis and is developing painful spasticity in his legs and back. We are very excited to be able to secure a medical marijuana card for him in the future to help with his seizures, spaciticy, and overall life. This is the best treatment we could offer Knox while keeping quality of life as the number one goal.

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