Meet 5 yr old Ayden, the inspiration behind Ayden’s Alliance.

Ayden was born extremely premature. Weighing in at only 2 pounds 10 ounces, he had a much rougher start than most children. After a 98 day NICU stay, Ayden made it home to start life with his family. Though developmentally delayed Ayden was making some progress and his family was hopeful he might catch up to his peers. That changed shortly after Ayden turned 1 yr old. The seizures began and diagnosis after diagnosis became the family’s new normal. 

After countless medications failed to control the seizures, Ayden was left with severe side effects from the medications and delays from the uncontrolled seizures. After exhausting all pharmaceutical options, Ayden’s family sought out other treatment options. In 2015 Ayden became the 5th Hemp Card holder in Missouri. That allows Ayden access to CBD oil from the two Missouri Licensed facilities. After starting CBD oil Ayden experienced several seizure free days, including one streak that lasted an amazing 18 days!

Ayden still has seizures and while CBD has helped greatly, we believe access to other oils will help control them. Another diagnosis that is part of Ayden’s life is Cerebral Palsy. Unfortunately the CBD does not help Ayden much with the difficulties that come with CP. He has already had one orthopedic surgery because of his tight muscles, but we are hopeful the access we will have next year to medical cannabis will greatly improve his pain and spasticity. Ayden is proof that Cannabis truly is medicine.

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