Amelia was born on December 15, 2014. A joyous day turned into the worst day of our lives when our daughter was whisked away to NICU, she was swollen everywhere and was struggling to breath. We learned she had developed Hydrops fetalis and suffered a hemorrhagic stroke in utero. Her condition deteriorated, she required CPR on day 4 of life and was flown to STL Children’s Hospital. She stayed in NICU for 10 weeks and after two surgeries and dozens of procedures, we brought our girl home! This was just the beginning of our journey, she began having seizures around 8 months and suffers from developmental delays from having up to 50 seizures a day. Now, at almost 4 years old, Amelia is currently on 3 seizure medicines and the ketogenic diet and this has given her some seizure relief. She receives therapy several times a week to help with her delays but seizure control is imperative for her development.  We are excited to have medicinal cannabis as an option for Amelia because it gives us hope that it could be the one thing that helps us reach freedom from seizures. We want to use cannabis as an option before we add even more potentially harmful pharmaceuticals and to avoid possible brain surgery. To see Amelia reach milestones and to live her best life possible is all we want for her.

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